A West Texas Children Story | Reviews, Cast, Box Office

Cast- Cayden Boyd, Lara Flynn Boyle, Matthew Modine, J.D Garfiled, Johnny Cotugno, Candace Campfield, Jeff Griffin, Michael Clark

Director-Brad Isaacs

Budget- $3 million



A West Texas Children cast is a wonderful film with the wonderful cast. Everyone has played his/her role tremendously and has been given a heart-warming performance. It is actually a story of a 12-year old boy named Ben. The movie reflects the 60’s time when the kid was neglected by his parents due to their busy schedule. His mother has great obsession f the Hollywood movie stars and his father spends most of his time building a  boat.  During a  night, an accident occurs in front of his parents and a girl named Cassie survives the accident due to his parents. Soon Ben and Cassie become good friends and travel together to Baltimore. At the end of the adventurous trip, Ben joins the military academy whereas the Cassie started building her career in Psychiatric Ward. The story reflects great hardware of both of them and how two of them spend some precious moments together before they get separated.

The director of the movie has worked very hard to shape everything in the present form in this movie. The directions given by him has provided to be the actual reason for the success of this movie. Also, Brad Isaacs is a personality with a lot of fan following. He has gained a lot of appreciation and public attention after directing this movie.

The Cayden Boyd has played the character of the Ben Reynolds and Lara Flynn Boyle as his mother. The role of Ben’s Father has been played by the Matthew Modine and J.D Garfield is the Father in Diner in the movie. The famous Plumber role has been played by Johnny Cotugno. The other members of the caste include the Candace Campfield (accountant), Jeff Griffin (Roofer), Bill Allen (Cassie’s Father), Mike Miller ( Michael Miler), Marry Evans as Cassie’s Mother.  The famous trucker driver role has been played by Michael Clark and Boots Southerland.


The movie has got mixed reviews from the viewers. It has been liked by a lot of middle age people. Also, this movie has got a lot of appreciation from the kinds under years of age. It’s the acting skills of Ben and Cassie which has attracted the attention of the viewers towards this move. It has been a great time hit and is known to be the best movie with this theme. The story is significant and the cast has been appreciated everywhere for being a part of this great movie. In addition to this, the movie has been appreciated in different parts of the world. Although it is a blend of emotions, there are actually people of every stage who have appreciated it.

The earnings of this movie are one of the highest figures recorded in this category and because of this reason, the movie director has been able to get the best out of it. The long duration demand and houseful shows of this movie clearly reflect how much love and appreciation it has got from the viewers. The cast has also widely contributed to getting the best reviews and the best part is everyone has played his/her role in the best manner. There are still a lot of die-hard fans of this movie who always appreciate this and the best thing is this movie has been known to be a true success. This movie has generated a lot of profit as it has been liked by a lot of people all over the world.

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