Showbox Apk Download Latest Version Updated

The entertainment content from all over the world has come on our palms and all thanks to movies apps for smartphones. Those were the days when we had to watch movies in theatres and TV shows on the big television screen. These television screens were not portable at all. But this whole regime took a bizarre turn after the introduction of Showbox apk.

Smartphones have been made available and many apps have been coming your way to facilitate the entertainment right in front of your eyes. From the knowledge base that I possess, Showbox App is unique of its kind. Though there are many App that is running on a base similar to Showbox, we will be describing Show box and how you can get the latest Showbox app download.

Update: Latest Showbox  Apk is out and working well on our testing platform. We are running App on our Samsung NEO running on Android Lollipop.

What is Showbox App?

Showbox app has been such an app for you to download and stream cartoon, series, movies online on your Android smartphone. This app has not been made available in Play store but you can download it from the website.

This app has been made available for Android users only until now. The fast and simple user interface of this app will addict you and you will be carrying the whole entertainment unit in your pocket anytime anywhere. Showbox apk is quite useful if you want to watch movies or TV shows and it is also great for offline viewing.

There is always a simple trick to install the app that is downloaded from other sources then play store. And in this guide, we will be featuring the latest Showbox apk and steps required to install on your Android device without any parse error.

Note : Above test has been performed with version 4.94 on Samsung Note 3 Neo with 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal, running on Android Lollipop. Indeed a good machine to run App.

Download Showbox Apk Latest Version

As per a current update, version is the latest released by Showbox. This App is well tested and working fine on our Android device. We did a quick video to get sum up all thing at one place. For all those who didn’t opt for video, here is a quick theoretical guide on Showbox apk download.

Step: 1 Download Latest working version of the app from the below link. as per our personal testing version, 4.94 is latest and working fine on our devices.

Step: 2 As now apk file has been downloaded, its time to make a tweak. On your Android device, open settings > security.

Here find an option similar to; “Allow installation of apps from sources other than play store“. Check this option. This is to prevent parse error.

Step: 3 Open apk file that you have downloaded. The installation will hardly take 30 sec or less based on your device performance. That’s it. You have successfully installed Showbox apk download on your mobile.

Showbox App Impressing Features

1. A huge catalog of movie and TV shows: If you are a movie freak, then this app is made for you with love. You can get all the movies you want to watch this movie streaming app. All you want to have is to download Showbox and you would be able to watch free movies online.

You can watch Hollywood movies anywhere you want. It has all the latest and popular movies in its library. Movies such as “The Shallows” and “Alice Through The Looking Glass” have been readily available on this Showbox app. In terms of TV shows, it can be the best for you as well.

If you want to watch The Big Bang Theory or the latest episodes of Narcos, then this has been made available in the Showbox app.

2. Option to download: An option to download movies has been made available on the Showbox. If you do not have internet or data connection on your smartphone, you do not need to worry.

You can download your entertainment content via WiFi in your home or office and you can watch your favorite show or movies without the internet connection on the go. So, this feature is quite a great help for those who do not keep data connection on their smartphone.

3. Watch in three different qualities: You can stream videos in three different qualities. You can stream in low quality to save your data. If you are on a limited data plan, this feature to switch to low-quality movie streaming can be the best option for you.

If you want a balance in between the data plan and the entertainment quality, then this medium quality function might be the best for you. If you are on a WiFi connection and data is unlimited with you, then you can watch the movie and TV shows in High Quality.

4. News content: Apart from watching tv shows and movie content, there is a tab for news content as well. The news comes when you launch the app. There is news related to TV shows and movies on the home screen and you can read articles with just one click.

You will be updated with the latest news. What everything is trending will be right in your palm. You can know about the ongoing shooting of Sherlock and what Benedict Cumberbatch has been lately doing to promote it. There is other news that will interest you and there is no doubt that you will be entertained with such news on Showbox app.

5. Simple and fast user interface: We were quite impressed with the fast user interface of the Showbox app. The user interface is very simple and light on the phone. It does not take much time to load as the app is not heavy at all. The news can be read on the show box app and this is pretty quick as well.

Streaming of movies and switching to different functions is quite easy now as this TV shows streaming app is built on a very simple design.

6. Option to favorite: You can “favorite” your TV shows or movie content. You can use this as a bookmark and you can have access to these content in the future by clicking on the “favorite” tab in the Showbox apk. The favorite option is quite organized. The developers of Showbox app have segregated TV shows and movie so that you can be more organized in viewing your bookmarked list.

7. Trailers: You can watch trailers on the Showbox. When you click on the trailers tab on the Showbox and you can view popular trailers and recently added trailers of the movies and TV shows. The trailers make sure that you catch only best shows on your precious time. Moreover, you do not need to go to YouTube for watching trailers as those trailers will be available on Showbox app.

8. Update feature: When you favorite your show, then it will notify you about the update of the show. You can see the updates of your favorite TV serials in the update tab. This saves time and you get organized with it. You do not have to search daily for the latest shows. This feature has a lot of utility as you will be notified about the latest TV serial update.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Can I download Showbox on iOS Device Like for iPhone, iPads? Ans.1  No. Show box is an Android App. It doesn’t run on iOS. You can try moviebox for iOS.

Q.2 Is it is available on Playstore? Ans.2 No, app is not available on play store but you can always download from file sharing sites.

Q.3 Can I download Showbox for PC? Ans.3 It is not meant for PC but you can run App on PC (Windows & MAC) through App players like Bluestacks or Andyroid.

Q.4 What is the latest working version of Showbox Apk? Ans.4 At present Version 4.94 is working fine. For any further update bookmark us for any new version.

Q. 5 Why download is showing parse error while installation? Ans.5 This is normal. Please follow the instruction described in step 2 of this tutorial. You can easily solve this issue with simple security bypass.


All work and no entertainment made Jack a Nerd boy. So, embrace Showbox apk and don’t ever fall in Jack’s category. Get ready to get amazed by the amount and quality of content this app has to offer. Don’t forget to bookmark us for future updated version. We’ll keep you posted with the latest version of app. Like and share this awesome piece.