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TV series enthusiasts would very well relate to the pain of missing an episode of the favorite TV series they follow. Due to the hustle and bustle of the everyday lives, people often fail to catch the airing of their favorite TV shows on the television sets. And missing even one episode gives quite an amount of pain in the heart and creates a blank plot for the episodes that follow. TV series buffs hence cannot just afford to take risks of missing on any these airings of their favorite shows. This has led to the inception of a lot of many sites that make all these episodes of multiple TV series available to be watched online or downloaded by the users. These sites also have the links of subtitles to the episodes that too in different languages.

Gone are the days when you used to wait in front of the television sets for the airing of your favorite TV series episode. And it happened to be a blunder if a power snap clashed with the airtime or the cable connection went crazy. Adding to the woes was the airtime clash of multiple shows which narrowed the choices of series to watch. As a cure to all these problems, online download and streaming of various movies & series episodes have come to the rescue of all the fans. Fans can now watch a large variety of TV series in the comfort of their home.

Sites offering Streaming of Various TV Series Episodes

1. Sidereel

Without the trouble of any sign-up or survey completion, this site is a legal portal to watch your favorite TV shows. This site stores a huge collection of TV shows in their full-lengths along with movies. One can get TV shows of different tastes and genres. The site updates its collection library on a daily basis and a task pane helps you to look out for new shows on a roll. However for personalized and regular notifications and updates regarding the TV shows that you follow, creating an account with simple steps can really come handy.


With a simple and user-friendly interface, this site earlier used to run on the .com domain and has recently shifted to .tv extension. This site boasts of its specially modified intelli-search support. One can find the best quality TV show episodes on this site. Watching any episode of your favorite TV show is quite simple on this site. Users can also download them for later viewing. The subtitle bar provides instant subtitles in multiple languages.

3. Yidio

Although a top position in the TV series streaming sites in 2017, very few people know about this site. New episodes of various TV shows from a number of channels including ABC network, Amazon, iTunes and many more are regularly updated on this site. It is one of the best sites to watch your favorite TV series online without downloading.

4. Tubitv

This is one of the most preferred websites to watch various TV shows online for free. The home page shows all the recent TV shows that are being aired on the television under different channels on the current date. The unique part about this site is that unlike many other sites, this site operates its functions through license agreements making it one of the best sites to watch your favorite TV shows legally. This is definitely a site you can turn to if you are in need of some new TV shows to kill time.

5. Hotstar

TV Shows On Hotstar

This site is a cherry for all those Indian TV series fans. This is available as an app on the store on your smartphone. The creators of this site Star India Pvt. Ltd. who are considered as the manufacturing house of almost all the Indian TV shows. Using this app or site, one can watch all Indian TV shows and even cricket games. A treat, eh? It is much like you get sports streaming as complimentary with TV show streaming. All smiles!

6. TV Duck

If you are a die-hard fan of TV shows, then you definitely would have come across TV Duck. This site sports a cool feature of listing all the episodes of a series on a single page. So if you browse any show, you get the whole list of episodes along with the respective streaming links by the side. TV Duck outsources the database from different other sites like Netflix. But the better thing is that this site gives access to the database without any subscription and is free of cost.

7. Netflix

In the world of TV shows and series, NETFLIX is quite a known and in fact a revered word. One of the most popular TV show streaming sites, this site has adopted a subscription principle for giving access to its database. This subscription is free for the first 15 days which will be followed by a price to continue the subscription. Tv series from all around the world and to be able to view all of them you have to have a Netflix premium account to be paid on a Monthly basis which is not very costly.

8. Coke & Popcorn

Do not forget to take a bottle of coke and a bucket of popcorn on board while you surf to this site because this site ensures guaranteed entertainment for the viewers. With a simple interface, this site features a huge collection of the latest TV shows. The content on the site is regularly updated.

9. TVgo Xfinity

This site gives free access to users to a vast variety of free content. The users can stream their favorite TV shows online quite easily. This site is also available in an app format for almost all platforms and can be accessed easily by any smartphone.

10. TVLand

This site is the perfect portal for online streaming of TV shows and features a pretty vast and good collection of TV shows from all around the world. The TV Land mobile app lets users watch online TV shows by creating a free account with simple steps. Other benefits of this site are timely reminders for favorite TV shows.

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Final Words

Apart from the above-listed ones, there are thousands of other sites available for free download and streaming of TV shows. However, most of the sites are filled with spam wares and ask the users to create accounts or complete surveys and so on. Thus to stream TV shows online, one must use trusted sites only.